Vulgar: A language generator

Vulgar is a work in progress with new features being added regularly! Your purchases help us make this product better. The full version of Vulgar comes packed with:

– A 2000 word vocabulary covering all the most common words and senses in English
– Customizable orthography (spelling)
– Custom phonological rules
– Custom number of genders and cases
– Derivational words (eg: utu /ˈʏtyː/ adj. violent > utua /ˈʏtyːa/ n. violence)
– Random semantic overlaps based on real-world language data (eg: xu /xʊ/ n. woman, wife)
– Access to all future updates via our email distribution list

Coming soon to future updates:

– Vowel harmony
– Create descendent languages
– Sorting by English words

Vulgar is available for purchase as a ZIP file download at a reduced price of $19.95 (US) via PayPal or credit card. The program is run through your web browser and is compatible on Windows/Mac/Linux.